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Pets Daycare Business Plan

Pets Daycare Business Plan helps the entrepreneur to understand, to visualize, to plan and to identify risks even before making any investments in the business. Beginning a Pets Daycare, just like opening any other business, takes money, planning, and time. Pets daycare services are very much in demand for a variety of reasons. For one, most couples work. And as I pointed out in my article Social Business Trends, a single people than ever now have pets.

Overall, people lead very busily, hectic lives that take them away from home for long periods of time. And as people more consider their pets their children, they often don’t want to leave their associate animals alone for several hours a day. This has generated a growing interest for dog daycare services. Plus, this can be a really fun business because you get to hang out and play with doggies all day!

Here are some tips for strongly starting such a business. It is always a good idea to research the kinds of related services and facilities available in the community in which you want to launch your business. Not only will this give you an idea of what it will take to succeed, you might consider offering services that others do not, to get a paw up on the competition. Otherwise, the first thing anyone starting any kind of business must do is to come up with a business plan.

As you will be dealing with living beings that are essentially perpetual kids, always expect the unexpected, and prepare accordingly. You absolutely should establish a relationship with a veterinarian or pet medical facility that you may rely on in the event of a doggie medical emergency. I would also fully support those who are in the dog daycare business to acquire pooch first aid and CPR training. The American Red Cross offers pet first aid classes in various locations throughout the U.S.Make sure that the environment in which you will operate your dog daycare enterprise is thoroughly doggie proof via the absence of any dangerous or potentially poisonous plants and other objects.

Pet care is a billion-dollar industry, but tapping into it is easier said than done. Making the transformation from pet lover to pet care pro suggests estimating out the licenses, certifications, start-up costs and payroll considerations. A little soul seeking is also required. Starting your own pet care business can be daunting, but it can also be very satisfying. Some key steps follows: Find a Location, Get the Lay of the Land, Figure out Investment, Square Away Your Certifications, etc.

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All organizations are made up of group of capabilities that are coming from People, Processes and Systems. These capabilities are working together in a seamless manner to deliver the requisite capabilities to the customer. The various capabilities that need to be addressed in a pets daycare business plan are given below:


A typical Pets Daycare is headed by a Chief Executive Officer or an Owner. The other important roles are Manager, Senior Animal Care Tech, Playroom Attendant, Assistant Resort Manager, Help Wanted, Animal Caretaker, Cleaner, Care Specialist, Security Man etc.


Planning to enter the pet daycare business, License Requirements, Special Events, Animal Behavior Courses, etc.


Owned or leased office space, Daycare, Walking, Grooming, Boarding, etc.

Most of the businesses have professional bodies across the globe and being associated with these organizations tremendously helps in understanding the current trends in business. Some of the professional bodies are listed below for your reference:

International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA)
2521 N Main St, Unit 1-210, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Animal Boarding Establishments
Business Hub 15, 3rd Floor South, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AB

Animal Welfare League SA (AWL)
1-19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013, Australia

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