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Business Plan in Hollywood Movies

Every movie produced is analogous to that of starting and running a business.  The various stages of movie production include but not limited to:

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When Do I Need A Business Plan?

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning is an essential task in any business environment. A Business plan communicates the vision of the business owners by outlining the business processes and provides a roadmap to the desired future state. But before creating a plan it is important to understand the circumstances which necessitate a Business plan.

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Why Businesses Fail Inspite of Business Plans?

Imagine a person decided to reduce his weight, has met a dietician or nutrition consultant and received a detailed weight loss plan. But after 3 months there is little or no reduction in his weight. The failure is not exclusively the fault of the program. The person for whom the program is designed has equal responsibility too. Social obligations, home food delivery, fast food hotels induce poor eating habits and the person might fall prey to his desires and consequences are dis-appointment, subdued self-confidence and ultimately failure to reduce his weight.

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The Relationship Between A Business Plan and Success of the Venture

According to engineers who have built “The Titanic”, even at times of worst imaginable accident at sea, the Titanic would stay afloat for two to three days providing enough time for rescue and help. On April 14, 1912, the magnificent Titanic sank in three hours after sideswiping a massive iceberg and took a huge toll on human lives.

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The Benefits of Business Plan

Business plans are analogous to that of GPS systems in an automobile. GPS systems assist travelers from getting lost by tracking and monitoring the route to their destination. A business plan can be used as a tool to identify the current state of the business and in which direction the business intends to grow.

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