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Clothing Business Plan

Clothing Business can be started by an individual by bringing in the custom-made product, the business should first focus on a single generic product such as children’s clothes or men’s or women's or clothes in general. The Products in apparel and clothes includes the following, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve Shirt, Hoodies, Pants/Leggings, Dresses, Lingerie’s, Underwear and socks. Customer tends to respect the expertise of specialist while shopping for a specific clothing. When starting your clothing brand one must choose an important direction for creating the brand that is different from each other and the option for doing has three different business models which are Print on Demand, Wholesaler / Private Label clothing line, Custom cut & Sew Clothing line. Preparing a business plan helps the entrepreneur to understand, to visualize, to plan and to identify risks even before making any investments in the business.

Preparing a business plan involves detailed research so that all the aspects of the given business are evaluated and appropriate decisions are made. The element of a successful clothing brand is niche, design, quality, and brand. Indian Market was worth $641 Billion in 2016 and expects to grow by 2.5% next year. With a GDP growth of 7%, it's in the stage of competitive with the developed countries. The urban market i.e. the major cities are contributing a 23% to the Indian apparel market. Super- premium and premium price tag are maintained for all the income-level consumers. The clothing industry is growing rapidly, but couldn’t fulfill the requirement of the customer due to the change in the fashion trends and consumer behavior.

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All organizations are made up of group of capabilities that are coming from People, Processes and Systems. These capabilities are working together in a seamless manner to deliver the requisite capabilities to the customer. The various capabilities that need to be addressed in a clothing business plan are given below:


Owner / Chairman, Production manager, production Supervisor, Printer Garde one, Printer grade two, staff, Designer, screen maker, assistant, account manager, assistant account manager, HRD Manager, assistant HR, Quality manager, Assistant quality manager, Operation manager.


Production management, New product Development process which includes, Design, tech park (Fabric, Measurement, Trim, Stitching, Artwork and Label & Tag information), pattern making & grading, sourcing, samples and Finance management.


Cloth finishing machines, knitting machines, Fabric seaming machineries, Crochet machines, Lace making machines, Label making machines, Quilting machines, Textile finishing, machines, Textile sourcing machines, Textile spinning machines, Textile winding machines, Textile edge control device, Thread winding machines, Tufting machines, Weaving machines, Zipper making machines, Woolen mill machines, Applique scaling machines, attaching machines, Cloth measuring machines, Cloth cutting machines, Embroidery machinery, Garment machinery, Industrial sewing machine, Laundry dryers, Monogramming machines, Textile bleaching machines, Textile folding machine, Textile trimmers machine.

Most of the businesses have professional bodies across the globe and being associated with these organizations tremendously helps in understanding the current trends in business. Some of the professional bodies are listed below for your reference:

The Clothing Manufacturers’ Association of India
902,Mahalaxmi Chambers, Bhulabahi Desai Road, Mumbai-400026

Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE)
18a Ermou str. GR-54624, Thessaloniki Greece

Sustainable Apparel Coalition
82 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

California Fashion Association
444 South Flower Street • 37th Floor Los Angeles,CA 90071

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