Construction Business Plan

A Construction Business Plan can serve a purpose to an organisation or an aspiring entrepreneur to imagine and create a clarity as to what particular aspect of construction namely commercial construction, residential construction, repair works or remodelling, carpentry etc. is the proposed establishment likely to clearly address from the mentioned options. With every 6th Indian living in an urban atmosphere the construction business does offer significantly a huge potential for both local and overseas players to involve in a cross chain that extends its links to design, prototype, develop, construct and finance to constructing close to 0.43 million houses every day. This trend is expected to go on until 2022 for newer cities to be developed. This means we are anticipating this growth to catapult us to 3rd place in the global market place of construction.

If one is wondering as to where most of the spends are to happen in the construction, it is more pre-dominantly likely to occur in the sectors of roads, irrigation, urban infrastructure, railways in the order mentioned according to a Crisil research. In a construction business plan while documenting as an organisation or an entrepreneur the objective planned shall be how do we:

  • expand ultimately into commercial and office building contract works to improve the profits and ultimately the share in the market
  • begin to expand operational horizons beyond the local market keeping in mind the quality of design, preparation of the sites, optimising the cost, repair or re-model to address large anticipated construction needs for office buildings, warehouses, apartments etc.

After this stage the construction business plan shall look at addressing those locations where the contracts shall be won to execute commercial projects over 3 years atleast in the current run, ways and means to increase the customer base and increase overall market share. With the target market ready the focus should focus on how to market to the target market identified. Here the focus shall be understanding the requirements as scope, usage of land and associated cost. For this certain well established and disciplined programs have to be in place along with intensively managing of projects to ensure revenue generated is not leaked any other ways.

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All organizations are made up of group of capabilities that are coming from People, Processes and Systems. These capabilities are working together in a seamless manner to deliver the requisite capabilities to the customer. The various capabilities that need to be addressed in a construction business plan are given below:


This comprises mainly of a CEO, a Project Manager, Office Manager, Site Supervisors and other contracted employees.


This can include to name a few safety related check process, inventory management, inventory transfer, procurement procedure etc.


Architecture and building drawing software like CAD, CAM, Autodesk, Project Management software like MS Project, Accounting software could typically come in handy.

Most of the businesses have professional bodies across the globe and being associated with these organizations tremendously helps in understanding the current trends in business. Some of the professional bodies are listed below for your reference:

American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)
825 W. Bitters Road, STE 103,San Antonio, Texas 78216

Builders Association of India (BAI)
Shop No. G-1/G-20, Commerce Center Co - Operative Society Limited, J. Dadajee Road, Tardeo Rd, Janata Nagar, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034

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