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Export Business Plan

Export business typical means sending of goods or service from one country to another country. Starting an export business requires a lot of market research, information about government export policy, market trends, choosing a product to export, knowledge about the international payment procedure and shipping process by Air or Sea. This Business plan helps the entrepreneur to understand, to visualize, to plan and to identify risks even before making any investments in the business. Preparing a business plan involves detailed research so that all the aspects of the given business are evaluated and appropriate decisions are made. An Individual has to a lot of market research in terms of product and choosing the right market.

Then the business registration comes in play with all the Tax Regulation process. Take part in trade show, this is uniquely effective way to build contacts with international customers. Knowing the Trade channel i.e by which the merchandise travel from manufacturer to the end user. Typically, the channel includes manufacturer’s representative, Distributor or Wholesaler distributor, salesman and the retailers. Targeting at the beginning might be difficult, but once this is achieved, the commission or setting up sales will be very profitable. According to Government data, during the financial year 2016-17, India’s exports grew at its highest pace in 5 year by 4.7% to Rs. 27500 Crores. India’s GDP Growth was estimated to be at 7.1% for 2016-17.

The freight forwarder is a person takes care of the shipping of goods or service and the Letter of credit eliminates the financial risk for the individual, the Manufactures and the Distributor as well. According to the India import and export organization. The opportunity in the Export business is still abundant, but it requires a long-term planning horizon and a strategy to adapt to the complexity and diversity of the Indian market.

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All organizations are made up of group of capabilities that are coming from People, Processes and Systems. These capabilities are working together in a seamless manner to deliver the requisite capabilities to the customer. The various capabilities that need to be addressed in a export business plan are given below:


Director followed by a group of people likes Head Research Manager, Head of Product and skill development, Head of Trade Policy and Finance Manager. Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Assistant finance manager and C-Level Employee.


Risk Management process, Product selling process, Energy selling process, assets management, marketing, accounting management, logistics and transportation management and procurement.


Export Management, Export Quality Management, Foreign Exchange Management, Project Management, Risk and fraud Management, Compliance Management, Operation Management, copy write and Acquisition management. The other sub-divided categories are Finance and budgeting, Administrative, Data entry, IT, anything you can automate, Strategically selected out-sourcing.

Most of the businesses have professional bodies across the globe and being associated with these organizations tremendously helps in understanding the current trends in business. Some of the professional bodies are listed below for your reference:

Federation of Indian Export organization
Niryat Bhawan, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Opp. Army Hospital Research & Referral, New Delhi-110 057

Export Council of Australia
Level 2, 22 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Exporters Association of the Unites States of America
Global Trade, 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor Miami, Florida 33126 USA

The British Exporters Association
5th Floor, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW

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