1. What is a business plan?
A business plan is a living document that presents a road map for an organisation to go from its present state. It also show cases how the organisation shall go about doing things before it reaches the market and beyond. A business plan acts as a guideline tool for an entrepreneur to communicate the potential of a venture while presenting to the potential investors.

2. What is your framework in developing business plans?
We believe like every mechanism that drives a car with certain principles, a business plan too is driven by a framework called the DERAVD. DERAVD stands for Define, Elicit, Research, Analyse, Validate & Document. We adopt this framework deploying more than 100+ time tested techniques to validate the business plan.

3. How we can hire you for developing business plans?
Once you have realised that a business plan needs to be developed for the idea you have conceived please feel free to reach us via e-mail: support@fhyzics.net or call our Consultant at ++91-900-306-9000 to take it further.

4. Do you develop the business plan in a ready-made template?
To rather say that we make use of ready-made template it would be apt to say that a ready to use framework called DERAVD is used. To know more about the DERAVD framework please click here.

5. Who are all the consultants who will be part of your business plan development team?
Our consultants are qualified in Engineering and MBA with renowned certifications like CBAP®,PMI-PBA® and CPRE-FL certifications from IIBA®, Canada; PMI, USA and IREB®, Germany respectively.

6. What are all the typical deliverables of a business plan assignment?
Based on the DERAVD framework we come up with a document that captures the envisioned idea and the roadmap of the proposed business modelled either by an organisation or by the entrepreneur. In addition to the document of the business plan we also develop the pitch deck as a presentation which can be made use of by the entrepreneur to present to the potential investor.

7. What is methodology adopted for costing the business plan project?
The business plan project is worked on the scope of work and the overall deliverables as requested by our client. We go on a simple resource based per hour costing. To ensure that our client have the most cost effective yet the quality business plan available to them we have the related discussions on a bi-weekly basis done over the video conference and in case of any travel outside Chennai, to the client requested location bill them the actual travel and lodging expenses.

8. How do you work with the client while developing the business plan?
We involve the client at every stage of the business plan development through periodic meetings via video conferences to ensure that there is a same level of understanding and appropriate translation of the clients overall objective.

9. Do you arrange meetings for the entrepreneurs with the angel investors?
We have developed a range of business plans that suits different types of investors audience to whom our clients have reached out in the past. So for the identified set of angel investors that our client requests to develop the business plan are created. Fhyzics shall not get involved in identifying or arranging meetings with angel investors.

10. How many days does it typically take to completely develop a business?
We normally recommend that a business plan evolves for a period of at least 45-90 days before it is documented to be handed-over to our client.

11. How are the outputs delivered to the client?
The business plan is delivered to our client as a soft copy in addition to a hard-copy. In case of the pitch deck it is shared with our client as a soft copy only. For the hard-copy to be sent outside the Indian geography we charge an additional cost towards the handling charges which is billed at cost to our client.

12. Why your business plans are called as process-centric business plans?
During the course of the development of a business plan the Consultants from Fhyzics shall go about identifying the primary, secondary and management processes that forms the back bone of all activities based on the organisations goals and objectives. This way we aim to have the business plans to be more process-centric.