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Recruitment Business Plan

Recruitment business plan helps the entrepreneur to understand, to visualize, to plan and to identify risks even before making any investments in the business. Preparing a business plan involves detailed research so that all the aspects of the given business is evaluated and appropriate decisions are made. A company can make its service or product or its process a best to be competitive among the industry but having the right minds in the company is the key to success. Companies have to create the right pool of talent at right time for the successful and growth of the company. The market for the recruitment industry, in India, is Rs. 35000 Crores of worth and it is growing at a rate of 21% annually.

Companies across the country are looking forward to add more than a million employees to their current resources and willing to pay premium commissions to agencies because it is very difficult to find the highly skilled people at the mid-level and senior level. So the key thing in a successful recruitment business is about creating network and developing the client relationships. The major expenses on starting and running the recruitment business are like rent, getting licence, permits and legal requirements, computers and equipment, marketing and advertisement, client relationship, recruitment, travel and other office expense.

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All organizations are made up of group of capabilities that are coming from People, Processes and Systems. These capabilities are working together in a seamless manner to deliver the requisite capabilities to the customer. The various capabilities that need to be addressed in a Recruitment business plan are given below:


The people involved in the business are the owner or CEO, recruitment staff, admin staff, receptionist, recruitment manger, consultants, relationship manager, marketing and sales team, sales manager, agents and partners.


The major processes in the business are like recruitment process, resume verification, marketing and advertisement, commercial and legal processes of recruitment, creating and developing relationship with recruiting companies, creating network, creating and processing agreements, motivating candidates, payment process, accounting, and other office processes.


The basic requirements are like computers, CRM system, payment system, agreement process, telephones, internet, website, sales and marketing tools, recruitment procedure, document storage and retrieval system.

Most of the businesses have professional bodies across the globe and being associated with these organizations tremendously helps in understanding the current trends in business. Some of the professional bodies are listed below for your reference:

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC)
6-7 Dubarry House, Hove Park Villas, Hove East Sussex. BN3 6AF

The Recruitment Society
7 Goodwins Court, St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4LL

Executive Recruiters Association
714/B, Kanara Business Center,Off Link Road, Near Laxmi Nagar,Ghatkopar (E),Mumbai - 400075.

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