Business Plan Checklist

Think you are in front of the investors and typically how the investors select in which business plan or business proposal to invest. It is basically they decide how you answer there questions. That is the ultimate test. The ultimate test of a successful business plan is, Is it able to address all the questions a investor has? the same thing what we are doing here. Whether you are about to start your business plan or you are in a advanced stage and soon you are going to be in front of investors seeking fund for your business plan, our checklist will be a valuable asset. When you say this checklist are not a standard checklist which we provide to everyone. No. We normally to take three business days to develop this checklist and this checklist is exclusively customized for you. The thing is like what we basically do  is we try to understand your proposed business and we will come out with a series of questions. These questions are very deep and insightful questions. If your business plan is answering all these questions then it passes its test. So basically business plan checklist is able to ask a pin pointed questions across all the areas.

You may have a question that how this business plan checklist will be helpful to you. Basically if you answer all the questions your business plan is ready. So we as a group of consultants we brainstorm exclusively discuss about your business and come out with these questions. And when you are working on your business plan if you are able to answer all these questions you can make your business plan ready. And typically we come out with 100+ questions about your business.

The nature of questions appears in the checklist adheres to the PESTLE Analysis and Stakeholder Wheel. And the questions are grouped under the following topics. Products & Services, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Vision, Mission, Strategy of the Organization, Risks, the Current Trends, Expected Future Trends etc.

For one of our clients, we have developed a drinking water, bottling plant business plan checklist. With the client's permission, we have published it here for your idea. You can download this by going through the below section.