Business Plan Workshop

business analysis workshop

Is Business Plan a fancy document to show off that I have a business idea? No way, but many think that business plan is just a document and does not add value. If you are one among them, we will change your belief upside down in our one-day workshop. Today the business climate is highly disruptive and complex. If one just start a business and tries to find out how to run it along the way, he may not have much time, but by that time he would have lost millions of dollars. Then what is the alternative? That is business plan.

Business plan helps you to visualise your business well in advance, before you spend a penny on the business. It helps you to analyse the entire gamut of your proposed business such as stakeholders, resources, customers, consumers, decision makers, business model, revenue model, competition, the need or the problem you are going to solve, risks, regulatory environment, social norms, political climate, legal aspects, locational factors, government policy etc.

Fhyzics one-day Business Plan Workshop will help you to understand the fundamentals, various elements, templates, techniques and methodologies of writing a great business plan that meets your audience requirements such as investors, bankers, key stakeholders etc.

Learning Outcomes

♦ Defining the Product or Service
♦ Elements of a Business Plan
♦ A typical template of a Business Plan
♦ Identifying Stakeholders
♦ The Need or Problem to Solve
♦ Customer Profile
♦ Mission, Vision and Strategy
♦ Risk Identification, Assessment and Management
♦ Business Model Canvas
♦ 55 Business Models
♦ Business Capability Analysis
♦ Prototyping
♦ Business Plan: Case Study

Who Should Attend?

♦ Entrepreneurs
♦ Business Owners
♦ Managing Directors
♦ C-Level Officers
♦ General Managers
♦ Bankers
♦ Investors
♦ Anyone passionate about starting a new business or would like to expand their existing business


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Certification TrainingMr. Vikram SivaramanAssistant Vice President [Business Analysis]

Mr. Vikram Sivaraman is the Assistant Vice President [Business Analysis] whose qualifications include a Master’s degree in Communication Engg, Business and Administration; and working knowledge in Education, IT, Banking and Finance, Hospitality and Telecom domains. He is a trained and working practioner in the Business Analysis. Six+ years of industrial experience having worked in different roles as RF Engg in a leading Telecom MNC (Huawei Telecom), team-member of successful commercial GSM launch projects like Reliance, IDEA and BSNL and Retail Analyst in NZ, Senior Business Consultant for SharePoint (SP) related Projects in Construction & Supply Chain.    management consultancy firms

Online Program Details

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    Date:  15-September-2018 [Saturday]
    Time:  10:00 AM to 01:00 PM IST
    Fee:  Rs. 750

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